Convert your Aga to Electric

Upgrade Your Oil AGA To Electric and store the electricity your Solar Pv System creates during the day as heat in your AGA for the night.

13amp Newton Conversion Aga Ranges

The centrepiece of your home. A timeless, stylish invention NOW suiting today’s modern needs with the NEWTON CONVERSION for your AGA Cooker. A Design proving so successful, making cooking even more flavoursome, saving you money AND helping the environment, can you really afford to be without it?

  • No flue required
  • No annual service required
  • Increased hot spot temperature
  • Requires a 13amp fuse spur
  • British made elements

The Newton Conversion is the best way to turn your Aga into an environmentally friendly cooker that saves you money. It can be installed into two or four oven models that run on oil, gas or solid fuel. The environmentally friendly Newton Conversion has been tested, is CE approved and requires only a 13 AMP fused spur removing the need for a flue. Alternatively we can supply a kit which can be installed into your existing Aga cooker.